Privacy Policy

At MWDN, we care about your personal data and are willing to take necessary measures to keep it private. This Privacy Policy explains how the company collects, processes, and stores data collected from the visitors of our website (further referred to as “website”). Apart from that, you’ll find out about your rights, any parties involved in the processing of private data, as well as the use of visitors’ information by third parties. MWDN commits to following privacy regulations as stated below, without any exceptions. You’ll be informed about any changes introduced in the Privacy Policy in future.

Data we collect

MWDN collects, receives, generates, and stores the following types of private information:

Usage information

All the data related to your device – the one you use to interact with MWDN website – can be defined as usage information:

  • Location. While the geographic area where you’re browsing is recorded via IP, your location can be tracked.
  • Behavior. Through the integration with Google Analytics, we may obtain information about the actions that a user executes on the website. Specifically, we’ll know how many times you visit specific pages and sections and how much time you spend on a page.
  • Device. We can track the type of software/hardware you use to access the website.


While you can be asked to fill in contact forms on the website, send CV, or provide a comment, there’s specific personally identifiable data that you share with us:

  • First name and last name;
  • E-mail;
  • Phone number;
  • Skype;
  • Cookies and usage data;
  • Information about your company/project (if necessary).


MWDN uses cookies and related tracking technologies on the website to ensure accurate data collection as well as monitor statistics and trends. All the information recorded in this way is anonymous. However, it can be associated with previously collected data that personally identifies a user.

With cookies, we follow domains you use to access MWDN website and services, IP address, device information, web browser, recently visited sites, and more. Cookies tracking helps us better target advertising campaigns as well as improve communications with our clients.

From the website, cookies are sent to your browser. This means that by tweaking browser configurations, you can completely disable or indicate specific conditions for receiving cookies.

How we process collected information

Each time you access MWDN website, we may process your personal data such as email, name, phone number, and Skype to respond to your requests, schedule a meeting, or else. We’re also entitled to process any data indicated in CVs provided by job applicants and freelancers.

As a company, we strive to establish trustful and long-lasting relationships with our clients. The use of data we collect from you is directed towards this single goal. Accordingly, we process collected information in a way that’s beneficial in terms of both your privacy and the quality of services MWDN delivers. As a result of personal data processing, we get capabilities for sharing emails, important company news and product updates with you, better define company’s target audience, and prevent security issues. Note that marketing materials and news will be shared with only if you provide an explicit consent by ticking the box.

There’s also a policy in place for regulating contractual relationships with our clients, their representatives and partners. If there’s an agreement in place between a client and MWDN, we’re entitled to process personal data of the client’s representatives who contact us with any requests.

We analyze stats into site visitors’ behavior. These are monitored with the use of Google Analytics and Search Console. Based on the received insights, we personalize information that’s shared with our current and potential clients. In case you don’t want to receive such targeted insights, you can opt-out of this type of interaction. Simply write us at or follow the opt-out instructions in any of the MWDN emails.

How we share and disclose information

We’re committed to protecting your privacy and won’t share any of your personal information unless under following conditions:

  • We have your explicit consent about disclosing personal data.
  • There’s evidence the Terms of Use have been violated and it’s necessary to investigate possible breaches.
  • MWDN may transfer and disclose personal data to external parties and people who are involved with website management. Service providers that help us with delivering and improving MWDN services also have access to the collected data. Data transferring can be executed across the Ukraine, Israel, and Europe, in accordance with the established jurisdiction.
  • Non-personal data can be disclosed publicly in reports, user research and marketing materials.
  • When you access the website via social services such as LinkedIn or Facebook, you allow us to process your personal data, according to the privacy settings on your social media. If you want to enable/disable specific data transfer options, you’ll have to tweak configurations in the social service.

We comply with the GDPR regulations in terms of transferring personal data to third parties across Europe. By providing us with your private information, you agree to this data being collected, processed, and stored, according to the standards of European Commission.

Your rights

You may request introducing any changes to the data we obtain from you. Whether you want to restrict the use of your private information for marketing purposes or edit the data you’ve submitted, send us a request via the Contacting Us section.

If you access the website from the European Economic Area (EEA), you have clearly defined rights in respect to accessing, editing, and deleting your personal data:

  • Directly access all the information that identifies you as a user.
  • Lodge an objection to your personal data processing if you consider this necessary. Unless your information is associated with some kind of a legal investigation, we won’t be able to deny your request.
  • Exclude your personal data from any marketing communications as well as withdraw your consent to receiving emails from us.
  • File a complaint to a data protection regulator inside the EEA if you think we’ve violated your rights in any way.

Links to other websites

Our website contains links to and from the third-party sites. Please note that if you’re accessing any third-party websites and services, you have to follow their own privacy policies. We do not accept any liability for the regulations imposed by the websites and services referenced on the MWDM site. Therefore, we highly recommend that you get acquainted with the privacy policies on these websites before submitting any personal information.

Data retention regulations

We are entitled to retain your personal data for as long as it’s reasonably necessary. In case you want your personal information to be removed, please send us your request via email. We pledge to satisfy your request unless your data is a part of a legal investigation.

All the data that we obtain from you will be stored securely on our servers. To ensure the highest protection, we use a combination of technical and logical security measures.

In case of a data breach, we are obliged to report about it within 72 hours to our supervisory authority. There could be some exceptions in case of particularly sensitive data being stolen or if it’s a large-scale breach with multiple parties involved. We’ll notify you about the breach if there’s no risk this could compromise our investigation.

Changes to our Privacy Policy

The policy was last updated in March, 2019. All the regulations described in the policy are based on the up-to-date data protection practices, including GDPR policy.

We reserve the right to change this policy at any time if we consider this necessary. We commit to updating our Privacy Policy on the website in case any changes will be introduced, so that you could know how your data is collected, processed, and stored. In case there are any substantial changes that relate to your rights or privacy, you’ll be notified about them via email.

Contact us

You may contact us with any comments, questions, or concerns that are related to your data protection or this policy in particular by emailing us at or submitting the form below.