• Detailed market analysis
  • Buisiness-oriented development
  • Highly Competitive product
  • Scalable architecture

In order to create innovative and outstanding Research and Development web solutions we will provide extensive research of your industry and specialty of your enterprise.

Marketing environment is changing quickly and dynamically. That’s why for every company that wants to stay up-to-date or even evolve faster, it is especially important to apply high-quality R&D solutions for startups. Software development for startups requires an innovative approach, therefore MWDN works with the cutting-edge research and development technologies elaborating new ideas to enable your business growth. Our R&D team provides amazing consulting services for businesses of any size and any area of expertise. We focus on thorough and detailed research of your industry, peculiarities of your company and your competitors to create high-quality software for startups and businesses in need of innovations. Moreover, our Research and Development team works on consulting different companies across diverse industries to spot similarities, customers’ needs and requirements that can help to create innovative solutions. We study all the peculiarities of your business in order to be able to suggest original ideas for startup software development.

Your business will evolve with implementation of creative and fresh ideas. MWDN will help your company reveal its uniqueness through brand-new, exclusive web solutions.

We discover the best technologies in order to provide you with R&D and other services that will help your company to stand out from the crowd and increase your sales. MWDN offers industry-specific research and development solutions for startups that are tailored to the needs of your company. We implement the right methods, equipment, and tools for research and further development of a brand-new product for your company. If you want to take your business to the next level, then we welcome you to try our research and development services at any convenient time. We will find out the market demand and then design, prototype, test, and elaborate a high-performing results-driven product that will boost your business.

Who Needs Research and Development Services?

If you want your product to be a success in a highly competitive environment, you should devote enough time not only to its promotion but also to its development. This helps to adjust your big idea to ever-changing market demand. Here’s where R&D experts in consulting can come in handy, empowering your business strategy to succeed both in the short and in the long run.

Small Business

For small and mid-sized businesses with limited budgets, thorough Research and Development can’t only help boost their services but also eliminate possible investment risks. Thus, they’ll be able to apply innovation to their product without wasting money on some features which will not work out.


For startups, it’s crucial to be sure their product will win customer love and bring profit, which is impossible without initial research of market demands or needs. As a result, R&D services can help to hit the target with a precise offer and build a software solution your customers want.


For huge companies, it is important not to get stuck with a static set of features in their product. With lots of evolving technology solutions, like AI, IoT, and many others, it’s important to understand how your enterprise can apply them to stay in line with innovations. In this case, an R&D specialist will study all aspects of your project and suggest possible improvements to increase your revenue.

Why Do You Need Our R&D Solutions?

We offer a full range of research and development in software industry for businesses who strive for innovation. Thus, if you want to streamline your business decisions and stay up-to-date, check some of the R&D services we provide:
  • A deep study and analysis of the current market situation, including competitors, potential target audience, etc.
  • Development of a short-term and long-term project strategy.
  • Set of innovative tools and technologies, enabling us to offer you the most cutting-edge solution to embody your idea in a sophisticated product.
  • Creation of thoughtful design and prototype of your project, comprising testing your MVP in order to find its strong and weak points.

What Do You Receive with Research and Development Consulting?

Detailed Market Analysis
Get a 360-degree view of your market share thanks to our R&D experts’ services, which will allow to make your customers a relevant and timely offer.
Business-Oriented Development
Generate new sources of income, as well as enhance and boost the existing ones. Get the most from highly targeted and specific marketing campaigns, based on R&D of your services.
Highly Competitive Product
Differentiate from your competitors with a unique selling proposition.
Scalable Architecture
Receive a stable product which can easily scale up even if the workload increases out of a sudden.
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