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Guide to modern software development technologies

software development methodologies

Struggling to keep up with today’s rapid software development scene? Dive into our guide to modern software development technologies and discover agile, lean, DevOps, and beyond!  Learn which approach fits your project, team, and goals – it’s your roadmap to efficient, successful software building.

Guide to mobile application development

mobile Application development

Imagine your app, captivating users and soaring in the app stores. Our guide to mobile application development is your launchpad, equipped with expert insights on design, coding, and market mastery. Unlock the secrets to building captivating, user-friendly apps that fuel your business growth. 

Guide to getting your first job in IT without a degree

first job in IT

Break into the exciting world of IT, even without a traditional degree! Read your roadmap to success with our simple guide to getting your first job in IT without a degree. Master the skills employers value, learn to see hidden opportunities, and launch your tech career.

Dedicated development team model guide

dedicated development team model

Tired of scattered resources and project roadblocks? Check out the dedicated development team model: An efficient setup guide. Build a cohesive, specialized team tailored to your project’s unique needs. Find out more about its benefits, implementation strategies, and key considerations.

 Outstaffing dev team guide

software developers team

Supercharge your development capacity without breaking the bank! Our outstaffing dev team guide unveils the secrets to building flexible, cost-effective teams abroad.  Analyze the pros and cons, navigate common challenges, and discover the cost breakdown that sets you free.

Guide on creating a social media app

how to create a social media app

Imagine your platform connecting millions, fostering communities, and fueling trends.  Our guide on creating a social media app equips you with the expertise to transform your vision into reality. Craft engaging features, navigate complex technologies, and tap into user psychology.  Whether you’re a seasoned developer or a budding entrepreneur, this guide empowers you to build the next social media phenomenon!

Dedicated team guide

dedicated team guide

Is Eastern Europe’s skilled IT workforce on your radar? Our dedicated team guide explores the current landscape, giving you crucial insights. Uncover the advantages, navigate potential challenges, and see how cultural nuances shape communication and collaboration.

Guide on how to build a successful software development team

software development team

Assemble a high-performing team, conquer project challenges, and celebrate software success! Our guide on how to build a successful software development team empowers you with expert strategies. Craft the perfect team structure, ignite collaboration, and foster individual brilliance.

Mobile app development guide

mobile app development

Turn your app idea into a thriving reality with our comprehensive mobile app development guide. Explore the essential steps, from ideation to launch, learn the secrets to navigating costs and timeframes, reveal industry insights, expert tips, and crucial considerations to ensure your app’s success.

Guide on how to hire software developers in Ukraine

hire software developers in Ukraine

Fuel your project with talent from Ukraine’s thriving IT scene. Our comprehensive guide on how to hire software developers in Ukraine will help you understand industry strengths, navigate cultural nuances, and discover top hiring strategies. Find out how to uncover cost-effective solutions, access a vast talent pool, and build a high-performing team with MWDN.

Guide to managing a remote team of software developers

managing a remote team of software developers

Lead your remote software developers to success with our expert tips. Uncover communication strategies, collaboration hacks, and tools to empower your team. Learn to build trust, overcome challenges, and foster a thriving remote-first culture. Your guide to managing a remote team of software developers starts now!

 Restaurant app development guide

restaurant app development

Craft a seamless restaurant experience for everyone with our restaurant app development guide. Design an app that empowers waiters, hosts, managers, and administrators with features tailored to their needs. Uncover industry insights, tech best practices, and practical tips to build your dream restaurant app.

Dedicated team model guide: advantages and disadvantages

dedicated team model

Confused about the dedicated team model? Our guide unlocks its secrets, highlighting advantages, potential drawbacks, and its suitability for your project. Figure out its flexibility, control, and expertise, and unveil potential communication hurdles and cost considerations. Equip yourself to make informed decisions – your journey to optimal project development starts with the dedicated team model guide

“Top software development countries and markets” guide

Top software development countries and markets

Explore the global landscape of talent and opportunity with our “Top software development countries and markets” guide. Delve into emerging powerhouses, established players, and cost-effective options, and uncover each market’s industry insights, cultural considerations, and key strengths.

Extended team model guide

extended team model

Struggling to find the right talent amidst fluctuating project needs? Reveal the extended team model guide, your key to unlocking flexibility and expertise! Learn how this model seamlessly integrates external developers into your existing team, boosting capacity without bloated overhead.

How to hire top software engineers guide

How to hire top software engineers

Want to know how to hire top software engineers worldwide? Our guide is just for you, as it covers the pros and cons of in-house hiring and outsourcing approaches, explains the technical interview steps and gives a glimpse on salary levels of software engineers in different countries.