Medical software
  • Medical signals (HEMO, ECG, Monitoring)
  • EHR, RIS, document management
  • Mission critical systems (FDA Class II, CE)
  • E-prescription
  • PACS systems

Every innovation in the healthcare industry leads to more saved lives. Moreover, the medical industry has recently emerged as a challenging and complicated sphere in need of custom medical software development. Every specialized medical institution requires special software that can be developed only by experienced medical app developers. The experts at MWDN are eager to take these challenges and provide health workers and their patients with revealing, outstanding software and web solutions. We cooperate with healthcare professionals in many fields, like hospitals, consultants, government organizations, etc. as a healthcare software outsourcing provider. Our focus here is on delivering cost-effective, profound solutions that will ease and optimize the workflow of the healthcare officers, supply the clients with constant support and regulate the communication among all users.

High quality medical software at your healthcare organization will leverage the quality of your services and increase the revenue. Moreover, implementation of advanced technologies inevitably lead to the development of personnel’s skills.

Being a healthcare software company, MWDN utilizes all the experience in the software development in order to create working solutions for our healthcare customers and provide them with medical software development services of highest quality. We fall back on lean innovations, the most updated technologies and instruments and user experience design to launch high-performance products. We believe that healthcare technologies, applied properly, can considerably improve patient care, reduce the number of medical errors and the costs of the healthcare services. MWDN tailored solutions will help healthcare givers arrange enterprise content management (ECM), control their patients’ state through advanced CRM systems, improve the process of diagnostics, and fix the cooperation among the employees. Moreover, we develop mobile applications that enable constant communication between doctors and their patients that will immensely impact the quality of medical services. According to our customers’ experience, outsourcing medical software development via dedicated team is a perfect choice for implementing new ideas.

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