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Navigating workforce trends: The rise of staff augmentation in 2024 and beyond

The rise of remote work and cloud computing during the COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically affected workforce trends. Geopolitical instabilities in Europe, West Asia, and South America in 2022-2023 have only added to the software development and labor market instability. One of the results of all the challenges we’ve been through and will be through in...

How do you outsource software development projects successfully? Finding the best path for your business.

outsource software development
Did you know that 50% of all costs you will spend on an application go as direct labor costs to the coders? If you need to decrease your expenditures on a bright tech idea realization, you should start with outsourcing software development. Let’s break down all the delivery models with pros and cons so you...
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How does IT outstaffing work in 2022? The hands-on experience by MWDN

In 2022, IT businesses choose the outstaffing model more often than in previous years. This phenomenon can be easily explained by several facts. First of all, this approach to IT services export is now at the peak of its popularity and doesn’t show signs of a downtrend. Secondly, more and more customers notice the financial...