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How do you outsource software development projects successfully? Finding the best path for your business.

outsource software development
Did you know that 50% of all costs you will spend on an application go as direct labor costs to the coders? If you need to decrease your expenditures on a bright tech idea realization, you should start with outsourcing software development. Let’s break down all the delivery models with pros and cons so you...

The Most Requested Types of IT Outsourcing Services

IT outsourcing services
Edited on 07.05.24 “Do what you do best and outsource the rest” is the business principle first formulated by “the father of modern management,” Peter Drucker, in the 1990s. This approach to business management works to this day.  Content: What are IT outsourcing services? Types of IT outsourcing services Examples of frequently outsourced IT services...
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Improve the Project Flow With the Right Software Development Model

They say that if you doubt something, you should go back to the beginning. There is both a kernel of truth and contradiction as we often notice the mistakes we made only when there is no way back. When it comes to the development of a new software product, one can avoid mistakes only by...