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How to monetize your app in 2024? Best practices backed up by market statistics

App monetization 2024
The mobile app market has bounced back after a period of rapid ups and downs. Spending dipped slightly in 2022, but it quickly recovered in 2023, reaching a significant $171 billion, according to Statista. This positive trend isn’t just about revenue – user engagement is also strong! The average amount users spend on apps even...
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IT services to be outsourced in 2024

IT services to be outsourced in 2024
The once-static realm of IT outsourcing is undergoing a metamorphosis. In 2024, businesses are no longer simply offloading tasks; they’re strategically partnering with external experts to unlock a new level of efficiency and innovation. This shift is driven by the ever-growing complexity of technology and the emergence of powerful new tools like artificial intelligence.  Content: ...

Code green: Building a climate-neutral economy with software

green coding with MWDN
Software development isn’t just about flashy apps and social media platforms. It’s increasingly becoming a vital tool in the fight against climate change and the journey towards a climate-neutral economy. From optimizing electric vehicles to harnessing the power of quantum computers for sustainable agriculture, software is shaping a greener future. Content: How can software development...

Modern software development methods to follow in 2023

Software development is like a puzzle, and methodologies are the pieces that help fit it all together. These methods shape projects’ formation, deciding whether it’s a smooth or bumpy ride. From Agile’s quick steps to Waterfall’s steady progression, each way adds a unique flavor. Today we decided to dive into the world of software development...

How to Build Future-Ready Medical Facility with Healthcare IT Outsourcing

Today, digital innovation is crucial for future-ready medical facilities to provide adequate services to patients and IT outsourcing is a proven means to achieve that. We observe how many industries around us rapidly change and introduce innovation to their daily processes. In this regard, healthcare seems to lag behind others: 99% of organizations in the...