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How do you outsource software development projects successfully? Finding the best path for your business.

outsource software development
Did you know that 50% of all costs you will spend on an application go as direct labor costs to the coders? If you need to decrease your expenditures on a bright tech idea realization, you should start with outsourcing software development. Let’s break down all the delivery models with pros and cons so you...

9 Reasons to Choose MWDN as a Software Development Outstaffing Partner

While the world is getting permeated with digital tech, industry by industry, software development is becoming increasingly diversified. Gone are the days when a business could just want “a programmer” for their project (because the project in question was almost invariably a website or CRM, unless you were NASA or something like that). Today, the...
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Improve the Project Flow With the Right Software Development Model

They say that if you doubt something, you should go back to the beginning. There is both a kernel of truth and contradiction as we often notice the mistakes we made only when there is no way back. When it comes to the development of a new software product, one can avoid mistakes only by...