9 Reasons to Choose MWDN as a Software Development Outstaffing Partner

While the world is getting permeated with digital tech, industry by industry, software development is becoming increasingly diversified. Gone are the days when a business could just want “a programmer” for their project (because the project in question was almost invariably a website or CRM, unless you were NASA or something like that). Today, the number of different specialties within IT can only be estimated using combinatorics on the dozens of technologies and frameworks that developers list on their CVs. The profile of the perfect expert for a particular project is becoming more complex, and so is hiring.

Not only that, but with the growing importance of soft skills, finding exactly the team you need may seem a daunting task. A recent survey had 53% business respondents claim that finding the right developers would be their primary challenge throughout 2022.

Naturally, companies turn to outsourcing and outstaffing for quicker solutions, and with multiple collaboration models. Outstaffing, being the option that grants firm control over the team and an “in-house” feel to the interaction, is gaining traction, in particular. Curiously, software development outstaff providers are also quite diverse in their approaches, values, culture, and possibilities they offer. 

Here is a short list of what MWDN stands for when it comes to outstaffing – and when & why to choose us as the provider to work with.



We have spent years building the core of 150+ versatile specialists in technologies in web and mobile development, medical application development, testing, design, and more – and a network of experts to add to that talent pool whenever necessary. Relying on multiple IT hubs in Ukraine, Israel, and beyond, we are able to assemble a team in 2-4 weeks for you to start working on the project.

Here is a short list of technology stacks our specialists are ready to deploy – from Angular and React to .NET and Python.



With the very different types of projects that exist across industries, from health apps to social media networks or fintech, there’s more to software development than just the bare front-end and back-end frameworks. To be truly agile while implementing industry-specific requirements, a team needs expertise from within the industry, a keen eye for detail that only insiders know. 

We at MWDN emphasize fostering this sort of expertise in the industries we work with: healthcare and medtech, telecom, travel and logistics, language learning, and a few others. This sort of additional expertise frequently escapes the brief resume lists, but is absolutely crucial for providing a top-notch outstaff service.



By now, the role of employee motivation is universally recognized – especially so in software development. Whereas some industries began prioritizing mental well-being and motivation around 2020, amidst the anxiety that accompanied remote work meeting the usual benchmarks, IT had had a history of using Agile methodologies that leveraged the human factor to improve efficiency. MWDN is no exception.

Our HR specialists have an array of best practices to motivate the teams based on each professional’s individual situation, and including the Ukrainian teams, who have recently given rise to an entire new self-motivation phenomenon.


Flexible Choice of Methodology

While the term Agile has crossed the boundaries of IT into the wide business community and is often considered a “silver bullet” for success, in reality, there are a lot of variations in how to make Agile work – and multiple other methodologies for software development. The important thing to be aware of is, of course, when exactly to choose each of these.

At MWDN, we employ different best practices and methodologies to fit the type of project at hand, so that the real thing to be done is what defines the method.


Quality-First Approach

The market is saturated with digital solutions to the point when it’s quality that matters most – the end users may not be able to see “blemishes” in the code, but they definitely feel them. Not to mention that once sensitive or confidential data is at stake, you’d want your project to be developed and tested by seasoned professionals.

At MWDN, we observe the balance of junior to senior specialists to raise the overall seniority level within the teams we provide, and value quality over quantity, so that your success story is part of our reputation.


Transcending Geography and Culture

One of the traditional anxieties that come with offshoring software development is the geographic and cultural gap that may hinder communication: time zones, mentalities, (human) languages and accents, interaction and other soft skills.

At MWDN, we solve this in several ways. We draw talent from different “pools” in different countries, Ukraine and Israel being the chief ones. Of our Ukrainian developers, 41% are currently residing in countries other than Ukraine, interacting with a variety of different cultures and realities, while our HR facilitates English learning for those who need to perfect their communication skills.


Healthy Pragmaticism

Getting things done is one of the core principles that define who we are. We unite experts who are used to focusing on the project and the value it brings to the customer and the end user, not on the code for the code’s sake. In practice, this means that among the different ways to implement something, our specialists choose the one that is optimal based on the factors that you as the customer prioritize.


Opportunities as an Asset

When working on any software development project, there are situations when something can be done differently and better than initially requested or planned. Unexpected but fortuitous solutions, smart ways to optimize or simplify things, chances to get more from less by taking just one extra step – we view these opportunities as an asset you are entitled to take ownership of, so whenever such things occur, our experts are happy to advise and suggest.


Security and Ethics

We believe trust is a vital component of any collaboration, and prioritize security and compliance above all. We ensure impeccable ethics for both the tech specialists and our clients. For the former, we provide the necessary hardware and software, as well as the conditions required to perform their job with ultimate quality. For the latter, we ensure all NDAs are signed, cybersecurity compliance requirements are met, and all the legal and regulatory standards are reached at all times.

You can learn more about our values and practices and how they will benefit your outstaff strategy by contacting us at any time.

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