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Netanel Mohoni CEO, VIDOO
Netanel Mohoni
MWDN is one of the best subcontractors that we’re working. The development team are experts, and management team is flexible and opportunity creators. Definitely the right choice.
Sharon Viente Co-Founder & CTO Better Chains
Sharon Viente
Co-Founder & CTO Better Chains
I approached MWDN for a POC that was delivered ahead of time with very competitive pricing. Following that experience, I have been working with various teams at MWDN for more than two years. Developers and managers have great technical and interpersonal …
Sharon Viente Co-Founder & CTO Better Chains
Igor Granov
I reached MWDN as I knew the company had a pool of skilled developers with vast expertise in medical software. Thanks to their assistance, I managed to reinforce my in-house team and fill in existing skill gaps. When working with MWDN, you can immediately see that diligence, transparency, honesty, and quality are their top values.
Shlomi Sasson CTO, SizeWhiz
Shlomi Sasson
CTO, SizeWhiz
It was the really good journey with MWDN Ltd, the best IT company in Kharkov and maybe even in Ukraine. My major conclusion is that the individuals are making this company so unique and attractive. Thank you!
Igor Rogov VP R&D at Pointer Telocation Ltd.
Igor Rogov
VP R&D at Pointer Telocation Ltd.
I have found MWDN to be a company with great honesty and high business ethics. The services, which they offered to us has been of a very high quality and at very competitive rates. I have no hesitation in recommending them to any potential customer.
Ariel Velikovsky CTO SpeakingPal
Ariel Velikovsky
CTO SpeakingPal
I had the greatest pleasure of working with MWDN. All team is very pragmatic, get-it-done oriented engineers that deliver great quality of work with a strong “right first time” attitude. I worked with a very high-level team, which had technical and interpersonal qualities.

About MWDN

Founded in 2002, today MWDN is a team of unique technical talents, with offices and 160 professionals in over 10 countries, covering the main time zones worldwide. Our specialists have worked with clients from the US, Europe, and Israel, and have developed 200+ web, mobile, and healthcare products.
We offer outstaffing and outsourcing services by creating dedicated teams of developers and by extending our clients’ staff. We make sure that our customers’ remote specialists are willing to work according to the company’s principles. By choosing this approach, we guarantee that our dedicated experts feel connected to the client’s company and are 100% committed to its success.
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