BSupport is a support platform we’ve created for Bezeq, the Israelian leader in telecommunication and telephony. BSupport is aimed at simplifying the interaction between customers and support service and providing diverse channels for communication.

BSupport for Bezeq

Our goal was to create a platform for company-client communication, customer claims management, and issues resolving. We’ve achieved it by creating two applications: a support web platform and a user mobile platform.

To develop BSupport applications, we’ve applied Node.JS on the side of the server, AngularJS for the front-end, and MySQL for database management. As the main target of BSupport was to simplify the communication between the support team and customers, we’ve used WebRTC technology for setting up the calls and Sockets.IO for chatting and messaging. Bezeq’s initial request was a user mobile platform that allows customers to start conversations with the support members and track their history of communication. We’ve done it by developing a user-friendly interface, equipped with a search function where clients could see the history of their sessions. As one of the main goals of BSupport was to improve the quality of support, we also equipped a user mobile platform with sessions history visible only for admins.

Thanks to the new functional, a BSupport web platform allows support engineers to initiate conversations with customers via messaging and video streaming. To connect the support web platform with Bezeq customers’ contacts, we’ve linked it to Bezeq CRM through API.

User-friendly interfaces of both a support web platform and a user mobile platform, as well as multiple channels of communication that BSupport provides, made this platform an efficient tool for customer support and client-company relations improvement.


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