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Top 5 global R&D trends in 2024

Top 5 global R&D trends in 2024
Imagine technology as both a tiny chess piece and the ruler of the board. Big countries are using tech to compete, and new inventions are changing everything – from robots learning to the meaning of life itself! This article explores how tech trends and powerful countries influence each other, shaping our future. We’ll talk about...

Why pick the project-based model for software development? Benefits and peculiarities of the new outsourcing model

Outsourcing was the result of globalization in the 1950s and has changed a lot through the decades. Outsourcing vendors have faced many difficulties and amended cooperation models year to year to eliminate disadvantages, leaving only benefits for their customers. Content: Types of outsourcing What does a project-based model of IT outsourcing mean? Examples of project-based...
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November 2022 massive layoffs: Their causes, effects on the industry, and the solutions of tech giants

The most massive layoffs in the IT industry for the last decade started with Elon Mask’s arrangement to halve Twitter staff at the beginning of November 2022. Unfortunately, this decision wasn’t a hasty urge of the excentric businessmen as some believed it to be. The following cutbacks rolled by the California coast as well as...