Clutch Lists MWDN is the Top Developers in Ukraine

Clutch Lists MWDN is the Top Developers

“We are proud to be on the list of leading software development companies by Clutch and strive to provide the best solutions to our customers!”

— Natalia Myakinkaya, VP of Business Development
Top B2B Companies by Clutch | Ukraine 2019

We’re happy to announce that, for the second year in a row, Clutch has listed MWDN as a leading B2B service provider within the development space! With nearly two decades of experience in our pockets, we’ve worked hard to get where we are, today.

We build top-notch remote teams that are dedicated to bringing success to startups and enterprise companies alike. Our mission is to find and hire developers based on our client’s business needs, technology stack, and cultural fit to the core team. We take care of all processes to help business grow.

It feels good to be recognized for our efforts in developing technical business solutions, especially considering Clutch’s intensive scoring methodology. As a B2B ratings and reviews website, Clutch strives to find only the best development outsourcing resources to rank on their annual report. Their team of business analysts takes in several factors to evaluate each service provider, including market presence, proven project success, and leading industry research.

But one of the key criteria is verified client reviews. After all, what good is a company if they don’t have a high track record for customer satisfaction? Clutch’s team of business analysts conduct independent interviews with a service provider’s past clients to produce in-depth reviews. These reviews give prospective buyers greater insight into the full lifecycle of a project.

Cluth Reviews of MWDN

We’ve earned 6 reviews so far on Clutch, and our clients have had great things to say:

  • “They were a serious company that understood our needs.” — COO,
  • “They are great to work with on a personal level as well as on a professional level.” — Co-Founder, Software Consultancy Group
  • “They provide quality people for my work. The other thing I’ve appreciated about MWDN is the personal touch.” — CTO, SizeWhiz, Ltd.

Our positive client feedback has also allowed us to be featured on Clutch’s sister sites. We’re listed as a top outsourcing company by The Manifest, a data-driven business guide. And we rank amongst other leading Eastern European developers on Visual Objects, a creative portfolio platform.

Looking to outsource your company’s development needs? Contact our team to explore your options! We’re committed to helping your business grow.

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