With a focus on organizational values of our clients, MWDN software development company facilitates smart business solutions through a dedicated team (DT) model. The skeleton of a dedicated development team embraces a client, an outsource service provider, and a group of development professionals who are assigned a client’s task.

There’s a lot of confusion as to where a product belongs in case a DT is hired. The answer is, a client buys a product from a team of developers hired externally, rather than from an outsource company. This model brings all the necessary skills and proficiency into the project as well as allows the client to actively participate in product development.

Dedicated Team Model: Advantages and Disadvantages

When it comes to product development, people mean everything. A dedicated development team working on a specific project remotely is an excellent solution for clients who don’t have enough in-house resources, but want to monitor and participate in the development of their products.

Just like any business model, this approach has its perks and cons.

Check out the key benefits of Dedicated Team business approach:

  1. The model makes a perfect fit in case you’re dealing with a large volume of work. In other words, there are superb capabilities for long-term cooperation in DT approach.
  2. You can choose who’ll be working on the project, which helps reach maximum proficiency and accuracy in terms of the desired result.
  3. A client can easily predict and plan all the major expenses, because developers are paid their salaries based on specific hourly or monthly rates. Apart from that, it’s easier to foresee administrative expenses if you have dedicated staff.
  4. Monitoring project completion and progress becomes easier. Thus, if anything goes wrong, a client can identify the problem early enough to submit changes.
  5. There’s complete transparency in terms of task statuses, achieved results, and planned activities. Thus, you can actively monitor how your project is being developed at any stage.

As a result, you get a dedicated software development team – savvy and seasoned experts who understand your company values and are committed to the project.

As any business model, this one has its downsides:

  1. Doesn’t make sense in case you’re planning short-term projects.
  2. The process of crewing could be time-consuming.
  3. Possible difficulties with the management of remote specialists, especially if it’s a long-term project that involves 50+ people.
  4. Active involvement is required on the side of a client who should participate in communication, negotiations, as well as have control over outsourced staff.
  5. Requirements change too often, which also changes the cost of development and affects the timeline.

How to Hire Dedicated Software Development Team?

To employ a dedicated team of professionals who’ll be working on your project, you should first find a reliable outsource service provider – a company that matches your requirements with a suitable development team.

Here’s a short outline of how to hire a dedicated development team:

  1. A client contacts and outsource provider and provides a detailed description of your project, defines the scopes of work, and explains what has to be achieved as the result of cooperation with a software development team.
  2. The service provider selects professionals with the corresponding expertise and sets up a meeting between the team and the client. In the frames of this meeting, requirements, timeline, and expenses should be negotiated.
  3. Newly employed developers should be integrated with the client’s in-house resources. To achieve maximum efficiency in collaboration, decide on specific communication tools and meetings as well as ensure the hired professionals understand the values of the company the product is developed for.
  4. A development team starts working on the project, according to the mutual agreements.

Before you pick a specific software development team, consider the following criteria:

  • A complete understanding of project requirements.
  • The hired team knows the scopes of the work and can define all tasks in terms of back-end and front-end functionality, timeline, etc.
  • Proven experience in similar projects.
  • A well-defined working process (communication tools, time zone differences, regular meetings, etc.)

Team completion. A group of hired specialists should include a project manager, developers, QAs, and business analyst.
If you’re managing (or plan to manage) large projects with requirements that change often, DT approach is a perfect choice.



Deadline Guarantee

We don’t break any promises. The MWDN team takes a huge pride in all solutions that we deliver to our clients in a timely manner. Not only do we guarantee that your project will be completed in time, we also ensure the team reaches milestones, according to your expectations.

Seamless Process

Our managers actively monitor and participate in project development. We ensure you get all the information on the status of your project at any time via Skype conferencing or mail. You are also welcome to give us any feedback and our team will act upon it instantly.

Maximum Agility

From Waterfall to Scrum, we pick the best methodology that works for you and your project. You may also actively participate in the process of choosing a methodology and offer your vision.

Business Analysis

Our paramount goal is to help you build a sustainable software product that brings value to your clients. To deliver on your expectations, our business analysts will work closely with your company, diving into the key values, organizational culture, and target markets.

Intellectual Property Rights

We commit to signing an NDA agreement with each of our customers, in accordance with widely accepted international standards. Once the deal is sealed, you receive deliveries and rights related to the project from MWDN software development company.

International Experience

With over 14 years of experience, cooperating with clients from the U.S., western Europe, and Israel, we have a profound understanding of software development outsourcing. Considering all organizational and cultural peculiarities, we pick what defines you and your project the best.