MWDN Israel Connections

mwdn israel connections

MWDN software development agency was established 14 years ago and has successfully cooperated with numerous customers from around the world. Our company is also represented in Israel where we managed to complete a lot of complex and outstanding projects. This alliance has meaningfully influenced our company’s strength and potential and reinforced the position of MWDN on the software development market.

Thanks to the partnership with Israel we got an opportunity to work on a variety of projects prepared for local companies from across different industries. We have immense experience in working with Israel healthcare organizations providing them with high-performance software development solutions. We strive to evolve our skills and knowledge of software in order to deliver only efficient solutions to our customers. Our Israel experience has enriched not only our portfolio with amazing projects, but also with exquisite art of international business relationship management.


As we set a plank really high and ready to carry the responsibilities, we implement solid enterprise solutions with multi-tier structure to provide really effective software development services. MWDN always delivers innovations, fresh ideas, consistent insights and complete support to our clients. We intend to evolve further our business relationships with Israel and our Israelian customers as well as with other international partners to reveal our potential and take software development standards on the next level.

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