Tetiana Voronaya | MWDN Senior Business Development Manager

A valuable expert with multiple creative hobbies, Tetiana Voronaya combines the roles of a little bright star and the Senior Business Development Manager at MWDN. She used to be a technical translator, a sales manager, a lead generation manager, a folk dancer, and today, she is an irreplaceable member of our team. 

Read on to find out more about her favorite places for traveling, the importance of folk dances, and a couple of reasons why she would recommend her friends working at MWDN.

Tetiana Voronaya

About traveling and favorite destinations.

Traveling is my true passion. Some of my most cherished memories are from the times when I was traveling, and I hope to get back to this time soon.

If I were to pick a favorite place, it would be Spain. I love its architecture, food, and siesta at midday:)

About languages.

I speak English and studied German, which, unfortunately, is almost forgotten(

Sometimes I think about refreshing it and back my B2, but to be honest, I have kinda low motivation as you can always use English)

As a hobby, I learned Spanish on my own, but it’s as “lost” as German.

About hobbies.

I always was into dance, folk dance, to be exact. That was more than a hobby, as I had been dancing for 17 years!!!

I’m proud of this page of my life since Folk dance isn’t only about entertainment. It also helps express, share, and connect with our traditions and keeps our Ukrainian culture alive. Which is so significant nowadays!

Thanks to this hobby, I have many friends and warm memories.

Now my hobbies are skiing, I go to the mountains every winter, and reading.

Tetiana Voronaya

About favorite pieces of art.

Speaking of art, I recall our team-building events. 

We usually dedicated them to activities connected with art)

We did painting, pottering, and once even visited the Chocolatier master class.

Tetiana Voronaya

About February 24.

On the 24 of February, I was peacefully sleeping in my bed in Kharkiv. It is difficult to describe the feelings back then: it was a mix of fear, objections, confusion, and anger.

After almost 9 months of the war, I, like everyone else, am adapting to new realities, continue helping Ukraine as much as I can, and strongly believe in the soonest victory of Ukraine.

I’m in Kyiv now; we have an office here. It’s cool to see your colleagues and experience some things from “normal life.” 

Tetiana Voronaya

About MWDN.

Besides many good things here, the best one is that you can feel at home. I would definitely recommend my friends to join our team. 

If I were to describe MWDN in three words, that would be Friends. Support. Development.

Tetiana Voronaya, MWDN

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