What You Need to Know About Software Outsourcing to Ukraine?

Ukraine is becoming a more attractive destination for software outsourcing. When dealing with Ukraine outsourced IT businesses, you can be certain that you will get the devoted and skilled personnel you require, whether you need a new app, to revamp a legacy system, or to design something from the ground up in a cutting-edge field.

There are about 1,000 specialized software and engineering companies in Ukraine. Some IT firms in Ukraine are modest, while others employ hundreds, if not thousands, of software developers in the offices around the region. Universities, R&D centers, supportive communities, and the startup community all benefit from the technological ecosystem and climate discussed.

Why is the software outsourcing industry in Ukraine booming?

outsourcing to Ukraine

Ukraine’s universities have made significant progress in updating and adjusting their degree programs, bringing them up to level with premier higher education institutions in Europe and America. Many Ukrainian institutions, particularly those focusing in business, science, and technology, routinely collaborate on academic initiatives with internationally famous universities and host renowned guest lecturers who provide presentations on the most up-to-date methodology and trends. They provide comprehensive curriculums that educate students for careers that need advanced qualifications.

Despite the great level of education, enrolling in various programs at Ukrainian universities is often far less expensive than at famous academic institutions in the United States or Europe. As a consequence, the country can brag of a large pool of specialists (scientists, software engineers, managers, and so on) with a wide range of skills and stringent work ethics.
Many global IT companies are outsourcing their development projects to Ukrainian suppliers in order to ensure that they are completed on time and at a lower cost. This is owing to the diverse spectrum of technologies in which Ukrainian engineers have excelled.

For years, the Ukrainian government has worked to develop a friendly and effective relationship with Western partners. With the lowered taxation of international firms and IT companies in Ukraine, investing in Ukraine has never been simpler. As a result, every software business that enters the Ukrainian market has a significant competitive edge.

Infrastructure and Community in Technology


Ukraine’s IT community is highly active. Almost every city has its own IT cluster, which combines and unites technology experts, businesses, educational institutions, and local governments in order to enhance the local tech ecosystem. Even more surprising is the amount of smaller, specialized communities: every group of Ruby developers, testers, data scientists, business analysts, Java fans, or UX designers has frequent meetups, seminars, or conferences.

Moreover, Ukraine hosts some of Europe’s major IT events:

  • DEV_Challenge. A software development competition with three categories: web, mobile, and game.
  • The Agile Eastern Europe Conference. The goal of this event is to introduce Ukraine to the world’s best Agile software development and Scrum project management methods.
  • IForum. The largest offline conference in Ukraine dedicated to the Internet.
  • The Games Gathering Conference. A B2B conference dedicated to game creation.
  • Lviv IT Arena. The conference brings the attention of the world community to Ukraine’s IT industry. IT Arena demonstrates to the world how many IT specialists, talented entrepreneurs, and high-quality goods and services Ukraine has to offer.

Best of all, the Ukrainian IT community can boldly claim to be all about advancement. Personal, professional, and, of course, serious coding are all included in the term “development.”

What services do Ukrainian IT firms provide?

provided services

90% of the services offered by Ukrainian IT software outsourcing companies are given to customers in other countries. Custom software development, including cloud solutions, system integration services, online and mobile app development, legacy system modernization, and other services are among the most popular.

End-to-end development has long been popular among businesses that require a specialized staff to tackle their IT problems. A bank, for example, hires a software company to modernize its fundamental banking system.

Another popular service is IT staff augmentation, which entails recruiting professionals to expand your project team. For a variety of reasons, many technology organizations and startups building software products lack the necessary skills, knowledge, and resources. As a result, they choose to supplement specialist IT workers rather than hire individuals in-house for speedy scale-up.

What degree of competence will you be able to find in Ukraine?

competency of specialists in Ukraine

Some consumers are dissatisfied with their past software outsourcing experience to other countries. Others are looking for developers in Ukraine due to their strong engineering competence.
Java, JavaScript, C#, PHP, and Python are the most popular programming languages among Ukrainian programmers. Furthermore, the country leads the globe in terms of Unity3D developers and C++ expertise. Specialists in other rare programming languages, such as Hybris, Erlang, Go, Scala, and others, may also be found in Ukraine.

It’s not only about having the right skills and expertise. It’s about being willing to lend a hand and work together to solve problems. Before beginning development, every software engineer at MWDN extensively investigates the client’s business logic.

Furthermore, competence refers to a person’s engineering background in a certain area. For example, you can come across a programmer that is an expert at developing a payment gateway for commerce but has no experience with RPA solutions for banks. Although this isn’t an issue, you’ll probably want to hire an engineer who has worked on projects comparable to yours.

What are the advantages of Ukrainian IT professionals?

The number of Ukrainian IT workers with a Master’s Degree in computer science is growing every year, with over 20,000 young people graduating from universities each year. The majority of these students begin working in their third or fourth year of education, giving them an advantage in their chosen field.

Ukrainian developers are interested in modern technologies and frequently increase their understanding of robotic process automation, artificial intelligence, big data, blockchain, and other topics because they have a strong love for technological advances.

Ukrainians are kind and easygoing, which is why any international consumer can relate to a Ukrainian engineer. Because many software outsourcing companies provide free English training for their staff, the majority of IT experts are fluent in English. IT professionals have an excellent grasp of spoken and written English, thanks to frequent sessions with competent English teachers and interactions with native speakers.

Ukrainian programmers are adaptable. If the customer is in a different time zone and has to change their work schedule, it’s no issue to arrange flexible working hours or even days. You can also agree on a variety of other items before beginning the project, such as engagement models, KPIs, deliverables, and acceptance criteria.

What might you expect in terms of service?

In Ukrainian software development businesses, the level of service is quite good. It is typically determined by the corporate culture and work ethics of the organization. When selecting a software outsourcing vendor, keep the following factors in mind:

  • How well-organized is the pre-sales process?
  • Is the vendor’s communication consistent?
  • How quickly did you receive the offer?
  • Do you receive project updates on a regular basis?
  • What is the value of the vendor’s advice?
  • Do you get prompt responses to your inquiries?
  • Is the vendor able to stick to the deadlines?

Expertise, quality, communication, and empathy all contribute to the level of service provided. You should feel at ease with your seller, as if you were conversing with a friend over a cup of coffee.

Which factors for costs planning should you take into account while considering software outsourcing to Ukraine?

No corporation, whether in Ukraine or elsewhere in the globe, will provide the precise cost of software development. The cost of software development in Ukraine is usually determined by the following criteria:

  • The project’s complexity and scope
  • The platforms and technology that were chosen
  • The number of team members and their level of seniority
  • The time needed to get to market

How can you acquire a precise cost estimate for a project? To begin, gather all relevant information regarding the project’s aim, needs, and budget. If gathering requirements is causing you stress, don’t worry: a software provider will offer you a business analysis phase, often known as a discovery phase.

A discovery phase is when you and your provider work together to formalize all the requirements for your software product. This ensures that the most exact, non-ambiguous requirements are obtained, ensuring easy design, development, and testing. It’s also an assurance that you’ll receive what you want.

What are the benefits of software outsourcing to Ukraine?

Are you thinking about outsourcing to Ukraine? Here are a few significant reasons why it is the right decision:

  • The IT business in Ukraine employs about 200,000 highly qualified professionals.
  • Ukraine exported more than $5 billion in IT services in 2020.
  • Ukrainian IT services were employed by more than 100 Fortune 500 firms.
  • Around 100 R&D centers represent or collaborate with corporations including eBay, Siemens, Oracle, Samsung, Google, and others.
  • The majority of Ukrainian clientele come from the United States, Western Europe, Israel, and the United Kingdom.
  • On average, 50% of Ukrainian engineers have 2-5 years of experience.

The Ukrainian government has made it easier for international and domestic IT businesses to work together. Both participants to the process feel safe and encouraged to work together effectively.
Ukraine’s present condition of software development is fast-growing, promising, and a suitable fit for those seeking a strong quality-price ratio.

Is there any risk involved?

possible risks

Those who have previously outsourced work to other countries are aware of the hazards associated with this sort of business relationship. There are some things to think about if you’re just thinking about making this move:

  1. Managerial Control is Reduced. People working on the project will almost certainly be in another country, which implies that the management will have little influence over how they operate and what they do during working hours.
  2. Different Time Zones. Time zone mismatch is unavoidable when outsourcing to a country on the other side of the world. Outsourced employees may be required to work during times that are inconvenient for in-house employees.
  3. Incompatibility between cultures. Differences in worldviews and cultures can make cooperation far more difficult than it has to be. When dealing with someone from a different culture, it’s critical to be prepared for the unforeseen challenges that may develop as a result of different points of view.

What Should You Do If You’re Facing Risks While Outsourcing to Ukraine?

actions to decrease risks

There are risks associated with outsourcing to Ukraine, however those risks may be effectively reduced due to the country’s geographic position. Almost any Ukraine software development business that is already on the radar can ensure both timely project delivery and excellent end-product quality. Furthermore, due to the country’s fortunate geographic position, practically all the risks associated with outsourcing are rendered obsolete.

Because Ukraine is a European nation, a project manager can visit the team and collaborate with them for the duration of the project if necessary. If the organization is based in Western Europe, the project manager just needs to fly to see and speak directly with the nearshore team. This is one of the advantages of “nearshoring,” a sort of outsourcing in which businesses outsource their projects to developers in surrounding countries.

Westerners will be able to benefit from the compatibility of time zones between their country and Ukraine while working with Ukraine’s outsourced software providers. Ukraine will be just a few time zones away, regardless of which European country they live in, allowing vendors and outsourcers to work at the same time. This may appear to be a little point, yet it is important to the project’s successful completion. It’s especially important when organizations utilize Ukrainian outsourcers to supplement their in-house personnel. This means they won’t be bothered by late-night calls or other issues caused by time zone differences.

Hundreds of enterprises already exist in Ukraine, making the rivalry even more heated. This might be an excellent chance for a foreign corporation to negotiate advantageous contracting terms. With all of the aforementioned considerations in mind, hiring one of the Ukrainian software development organizations may be the greatest option for ensuring a long-term, productive, and professional cooperation.

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