Transparency is the main Quirk of MWDN

Vitalii Vystavnyi, CEO at MWDN, began his interview to GoodFirms with a quick introduction about MWDN. Introducing his company Vitalii Vystavnyi mentions, MWDN Ltd. is a creation incorporated as a software development company in 2002. MWDN has its offices in Kyiv and Kharkiv, two cities of Ukraine. Basically built for a healthcare vendor, the firm then expanded as an R&D center for startups and enterprises of distinct profiles. In the present time, the firm has been working for around 12 customers from different countries like Germany, Israel, And the US. Their team consists of 80 tech-ninjas.

Coming to his role, the CEO mentions that his foremost responsibility is to ensure the satisfaction of both customers and employees. In their work, they strive to provide maximum transparency at both the levels- customer level and employee level which leads to the extraordinary performance by each team member. He even leads the sales and marketing of the company by making sure that company goals are reached.

Core expertise:

  • Dedicated teams;
  • Remote R&D center.

Technology stack:

  • Mobile Development (iOS, Android, Cross-platform)
  • Web Development (JavaScript, Angular, React, Node.js, Python, .NET, RoR, PHP)
  • Medical software development
  • Web Design & QA support

Moving forward, to the services they provide and their business model, Mr. Vitalii Vystavnyi mentions that they have a very potential in-house team. Later, if any clients need a service in the project which they are not equipped with, they look for potential team members by outsourcing. Moreover, their agile approach has led them to the list of top mobile app development companies in UK at GoodFirms. The firm has caught the attention of GoodFirms for its extravagant services.

As mentioned earlier, TRANSPARENCY is what sets the firm at par with other market competitors. They share all the possible micro details with both team members and customers to avoid any kind of misunderstandings at any level. With a very straight forward business model, they even ensure to provide a market suggestible and compatible payment.

With a huge number of repetitive customers in their basket, they never fail to amaze them each time. The talk then moves ahead with a deep discussion of the web apps the firm creates and their approaches towards selecting an apt platform for development. Getting enlisted among the top web development companies in Ukraine at GoodFirms has a big contribution of the wise words of the CEO Mr. Vitalii Vystavnyi. He mentions Google and Amazon in the interview saying that these days with the availability of ready intricate backend for apps, their work has lessened at large. The full interview with the CEO covers all the aspects.

So much has been said and done when we talk about mobile app development and software development. But, a company like MWDN goes a mile forward to prove its worth in the competitive market. The full Interview with the CEO makes it clear that customers are MWDN’s foremost priority. How can then GoodFirms fail to recognize such a professional company?

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