Software Development in Eastern Europe

Eastern Europe, according to different sources represented by a number of countries such as Poland, Romania, Ukraine etc., has become a popular outsourcing services provider. But unlike other outsourcing regions (India for example) what’s happening these days in software development in Eastern Europe is unique and quite complex.

Underestimated potential of former Soviet countries bursted with a huge pool of software development talents and unrivalled quality delivery. Eastern European software development specialists are of particular interest of companies from USA and Western Europe due to their geographical position and culturally similar developing staff. Although, the talent pool in the region has been shrinking because of a large drain of cadre to West in search of better living standards and higher salary. Thus it’s important to know exactly who you should outsource from. Still, the thing that stands Eastern Europe software development industry out is its unrivalled quality of services and diverse choice of companies.


There are several ways except outsourcing you can get your software development project done in Eastern Europe like a partnership or open-source. Google, Motorola, Microsoft, IBM, Sun and much more have already opened their software labs in Poland, the Czech Republic, Romania, Russia and other Eastern European countries.

As it seems now soon Eastern Europe can become a leader on the market providing their exceptional services to the inner market and to Western companies.

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