How to Hire the Best Development Team for E-Commerce Project

ecommerce development team

About ten years ago everyone took the idea of selling via internet pretty skeptically. At least, what’s the reason for doing that, if there are lots of real and existing places where to sell? Nowadays using world web to sale is not a trend, it’s a must. E-commerce has become huge and one of the most influencing sections of the global economy. The largest world’s famous businesses, as well as local market players, have launched online sales that keep increasing company’s income, turnover, and popularity. Due to economic forecasts, online sales continue to increase substantially over the next years.

Working on your own project, it’s hard to underestimate the importance of highly skilled professionals. They will help you to make a full-stack development of any case. In this article, you will figure out how to hire a competitive team for e-commerce development project, the idea of outsourcing work, developers in different countries. So, let’s find out.

How to build e-commerce development team?

Let’s talk about what some kinds of work the strong team does. As a leader, you may know what duties have to be managed. What roles are there in e-commerce project development?

  • Website building,
  • Software development,
  • Creative part (design, graphics),
  • Marketing (analytics, advertisement, promotions),
  • Content making (correct descriptions, blog, social media), etc.
  • Nowadays it’s unusual to find someone following just one strict area. The cross-over specialists with particular skillset have a pretty big advantage. If you are the new one in online sales, the way of combining the responsibilities will be suitable. After growing it’s appropriate to separate the tasks when a need arises.

    Selecting the best team

    You should be very attentive while choosing your future co-workers. It’s an art to hire the best person for each kind of work. It’s obvious that you don’t always need the most qualified “I know everything” guru, but a professional who meets all requirements and needs of a particular task. Communication is a key, so don’t hesitate to ask for a portfolio and paper qualifications. Pay enough attention to person’s previous experience in similar projects, the role, and responsibilities in it, as well as personal qualities, such as liability, desire for working, motivation, time-management skills.

    There are two possible decisions how to build e-commerce development team: in- house team and outsourced work. Let’s shed light on the second one.

    What about outsourcing e-commerce development?

    Choosing a task performer correctly is a half of success. Outsourcing is when the hired person or a company completes the task for you. This is helpful and convenient practice in different business fields. For example, it’s not always possible to find suitable high skilled developers located nearby, or the cost of tools and stuff needed to make fully-packed department is unbearable. That’s why lots of business owners choose the outsourcing e-commerce development.

    Advantages of outsourcing:

    • Budget-saving. Firstly, the labor force is much cheaper in other countries, where the outsourcing companies are usually located. It doesn’t mean that they are not as qualified or inexperienced. People don’t work for less money. It’s just about the conversion of money in different countries and a cost of living, which is totally different from the one that we have. It means that hiring professionals from abroad is quite affordable in every phase of business development. Secondly, getting the equipment for every department is connected with huge financial overhead. Using a company that already has a required equipment and qualified staff to manage a project is easier than trying to make up your own group. Also, you pay just when you need it.
    • Attention to the most important. While outsourcing company takes care of e-commerce development, you have much more time to better focus on your own tasks. You have to control plenty of things in spite of lack of time, so it’s possible to lose concentration managing with sales and trying to regulate the development. For the outside company, your project will be the main target. They can pay more attention to your deal and work on it 24/7.
    • Time-saving. Outsourcing companies always have a wide range of specialists who are able to start working immediately anytime. Time zones make a huge advantage. Due to the difference in it, the work will go on round the clock. When you are closed, your business is still running. You have an opportunity to give tasks before going to sleep and take the results in the morning.
    • Fresh thinking. The outside professionals see your project from a new point. It makes it easy to find and implement the new technologies for the specific case.
    • The right person for every task. It happens that there are no skilled developers situated locally. If your decision is to outsource, you are not bounded by country borders and can hire the best team from all over the world.

    Which countries offer a good development service?

    Developers in Ukraine

    The number of IT-professionals increases rapidly during the last years, this fact makes Ukraine the first country in Eastern Europe and the fourth in the world by the number of IT-specialists. There are more than 1,000 companies launched. The overall quantity of certified IT-professionals has increased to 100,000 in 2016. Lots of projects and startups were successfully held by professional teams. IT sphere is stably growing and supposed to become one of the main export industries in Ukraine.

    Pros of Ukrainian developers

    E-commerce developers in Ukraine have the huge experience in outsourced work with different countries for years, offering all kinds of IT-service. It’s a good choice when it comes to software development as well as design. Language barrier won’t cause difficulties in communication because most of the devs have high level of English. So, your instructions will be definitely understood the right way.

    english level of Ukrainian developers

    English level among IT professionals

    The government supports international cooperation and offers comparatively low taxes for IT-connected projects.

    The working price will please you as well. Due to the fall of national currency, the labor force in Ukraine is the cheapest in the Eastern Europe. This makes Ukrainian specialists affordable for the small businesses.

    Developers in Israel

    Israel is another rapidly developing country. A demand for IT workers is very high worldwide and their number actively grows. The country relies on IT industry.


    Developers in Israel and what they do

    The government proposes the supporting programs for the development of high-tech commercial activities which are also 70% of all export. The ministries also encourage the most talented and promising specialists in this sphere.

    Multinational large companies highly estimate the technological power of Israel. Many of them have the research and development staff there.

    The IT universities in Israel are ranked among world’s top universities. There’s a wide range of IT-companies that are located throughout the country. After the USA, Israel has the biggest number of university graduates. E-commerce developers in Israel are highly skilled, experienced and motivated. The prices on the market of outsourcing IT work will positively surprise.

    Summary: Building a successful e-commerce development team

    So, building the best development team is an art which takes a lot of time to be learned. The suitable specialists play the lead role in successful project managing. The outsourcing e-commerce development is also a helpful tool for your project.

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