Mariia Latenko | MWDN Software Testing Engineer

Many of our colleagues say MWDN is like a family to them. However, for our today’s guest, our company did really officially become a true family. Read on to find out how Mariia Latenko combines a mom role and a full-time software testing engineer position, what her thoughts on maternity leaves are, and what superpower she lacks. 

Brief bullet points

  • Name: Mariia Latenko
  • Age: 37 y.o.
  • Years in MWDN: Four full years in the software testing engineer position
  • Kids: 11-month-old son.

How MWDN became my family

The first person who contacted me from MWDN became my husband and a father to our kid in a couple of years. He was a Recruiter back then and interviewed me for the position I was applying to. At first, we had strictly professional business relations. In a couple of months, we became friends. After about half a year, our friendship transformed into a romantic relationship.

I think this transformation became possible only because after the hiring, we didn’t interact in any way in the professional field. 

Overall, I believe that combining professional activities with romantic relationships is very difficult and not desirable.

Mariia Latenko | MWDN Software Testing Engineer

I was on maternity leave for two months

I worked almost until the day I delivered a baby because I had the desire and health to continue working. And when the baby arrived, my mother had the time and willingness to babysit the little one. So, that’s how it all turned out. 

For me, the perspective of being on maternity leave for a long time was always scary, so I planned in advance to come back to work as soon as possible. 

Today I can say that this was the right decision. Also, I work from home, so I can always see my son and continue breastfeeding him. I lose very little by combining a full-time job with being a full-time mom.

Mariia Latenko | MWDN Software Testing Engineer

Motherhood was not as I expected it to be

While pregnant, I prepared myself mentally for the difficulties of motherhood. But I had no idea how difficult it would be! My first months as a mom were full of despair. Fortunately, over time, the love and happiness of parenthood began to outweigh the difficulties. 

Being able to work and switch from mom’s tasks to something else also helped me a lot to be happier. Right now, the only thing that I truly miss is the ability to sleep through the night without waking up. I also lack the ability to travel without restrictions a bit. But I’m sure all these limitations are temporary, so I’m enjoying the great experience I have now.

My biggest discovery about kids

The biggest discovery for me was that newborns do not know how to fall asleep on their own, even when they are really tired.

Mariia Latenko | MWDN Software Testing Engineer

How I became a QA engineer

When I still had no idea about the IT industry, I heard from a friend that there is such a profession as a quality assurance engineer. I immediately understood that this was what I wanted to do for a living. Most of all, in my job, I like that almost every day, I have the opportunity to work on something new, constantly training and straining my brain.

What if I followed my childhood dreams?

In that case, I would become an ice cream seller. As a kid, I was sure that they could eat ice cream all the time, and somehow it looked like the greatest benefit a job could have.

Fiction or non-fiction?

I always choose fiction because I feel like I lack some adventures in my life. I like the possibility of getting away from reality, at least in books and movies.

On hobbies (that are temporarily being put on pause)

At the moment, I don’t really have time for anything else except for my kid, my family, and my job. Before becoming a mom, I liked going to the gym, taking long walks, and traveling. I believe I will return to these activities in the near future.

I wish I had a Superpower…

I truly wish I could stop time. In that case, I would at least have the possibility to sleep as long as I want to.

The first thing to do after our victory

When the war ends with our victory, I will grab my son and my husband, and we will have a long vacation abroad.

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