Kharkiv – pool of technical talent

Kharkiv is the city of innovations, science and students. It is young, fast-growing and dynamic: all these reasons make the city a perfect place to be the cradle for different talents. First of all, Kharkiv is famous for its IT sphere achievements. Well known fact is that 40% of human IT resources in Ukraine are based here. According to the statistics, we can certainly say that Kharkiv is a pool of technical and especial IT talents, but what is the secret? Does the city have a special «Hogwarts» for young IT wizards? We will solve the mystery of the secret IT potion ingredients, which makes Kharkiv successful IT city.

Ingredient 1: education and a lot of opportunities for any taste and budget. A wide range of possibilities begins with specialized schools, colleges and universities. 5 main alma-maters graduate more than 3 000 qualified IT specialists every year. During the education process students also can try themselves in different internship programs. Many big-name IT companies pleasantly offer to a young specialist a chance to take a stab in IT sphere. What is more, there are a lot of IT hackathons in the region during the whole year, they are aimed to unite like-minded people so they can create and collaborate on various software development projects. The best of them are developed further as self-contained projects. Such events motivate young IT generation to create innovative ideas and to improve their knowledge and skills. Experienced IT companies usually support such initiatives and appear as partners. They notice perspective students and recruit rising talents to work for them.

Ingredient 2: a place to work. Success in IT magic mainly depends on it. Kharkiv has one of the best IT markets among the country. There are more than 200 various software development companies with nearly 22 000 employees and freelancers in the center of the Eastern Ukraine. Famous IT industry players in Ukraine have sub-offices in Kharkiv. A lot of successful companies and startups are also based here. Kharkiv suggests numerous types of IT services combining high-skilled experts and cost-effective partial or turnkey solutions.

The last but not least ingredient is IT community. Some enthusiasts in Kharkiv have created several non-governmental organizations to build long-lasting relationships with IT specialists in the city and in the whole country. Their goal is to form an effective IT-community, which will provide comfortable conditions for IT business in Ukraine. Such organizations are platforms for communication, education, self-realization and partnership. There are also many conferences and workshops for experienced IT specialists, which annually are held in Kharkiv. Many people come all over Ukraine to attend such events.

So now you know all the secret ingredients, which made Kharkiv a prosperous IT environment for rising new talents, increasing professional expertise and skills, accelerating the growth of new technologies and innovations.

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