10 Reasons You Should Choose Outsourcing Companies in Ukraine

Nowadays, the world of software development is progressing at a rapid rate, startups are changing the world and plenty of great ideas still need to be brought into life. However, hiring your own team of developers, training and managing them is a hard task that takes a lot of time and it especially does not make much sense when the project is short-term. Outsourcing comes for these reasons with an eye to save resources and optimize business processes. It’s a great choice in order to cut your costs, save your time and have opportunity to work with experts in this field. Many successful projects have been launched this way. Everything that you need you can find in Ukraine IT outsourcing.

Here are 10 reasons and key arguments to choose outsourcing companies in Ukraine for your web and mobile development projects.

1. Teams of Ukrainian outsourcing companies have cultural similarity with western countries

It is always easy to have business with Ukrainians. Ukrainian outsourcing companies are dedicated to the traditional western style of communication, which is explained by the country’s location, its business ethics, and cultural heritage. The similar values and mentality are some of the main priorities to choose Ukraine outsourcing companies. Ukrainian tech workers are passionate about projects they are working on, strive to deliver the best results and achieve the success. Compared to other low-cost countries Ukraine has more cultural and ethical similarities with the western society.

2. Ukrainian outsourcing companies provide you with talented IT specialists

When you look for the software development companies, you look for the experts in this field. Reasons why you will get experts on board if choose Ukrainians:

  • Over 100,000 Ukrainian professionals work in the software industry;
  • 50,000 are software developers, and at least 20,000 have more than 7 years of proven experience;
  • Following the forecasts, this number will be 40,000 by 2020;
  • Due to the increasing interests in industry, IT companies have over 1,000 newcomers monthly;
  • Ukraine has the largest software powerhouse in Europe and ranks fourth place among exporters of IT specialist in the world;
  • Ukrainian IT industry is counting a lot of specialist are skilled in the most popular programming languages like C#, PHP, Python, Java and JavaScript, as well as in not so widely used – C++, Erlang, Go.

3. Most tech graduates choose IT outsourcing companies for work

There are a lot of universities and colleges in Ukraine that boast skilled and talented human resources each year. More than a half of them choose IT industry. Here is the list of Ukrainian IT community advantages:

  • More tech graduates per year in Ukraine than in many other technologically developed countries;
  • Ukraine is in the TOP-3 among European countries with certified IT specialists;
  • Many IT specialists in Ukraine have international education and job experience abroad.

4. English is the language of international business in Ukrainian outsourcing companies

Ukraine is the multilingual European country, where English is the most widely studied foreign language. with the latest modern methods of education used. Language learning starts at the primary school and sometimes even earlier. You can hear English everywhere at schools, universities, cafes and even on the streets. Needless to say that it is a must for Ukrainian IT specialists. Most of them speak fluent English. Furthermore Ukrainian IT companies encouraged to practice English and provide free English courses and speaking clubs in their offices. In addition, you can easily find a company with a multi-language skilled team.

5. Developed IT market and variety of outsourcing companies in Ukraine

Ukraine is the home for more than 1,000 IT Companies and in excess of 2,000 startups. It is a top spot for offshore development and attracting businesses. Many local startups reached the international level, for example WhatsApp, Paypal, DepositPhotos, PetCube, CleanMyMac, Jooble, Grammarly, InvisibleCRM, and Readdle. Their names are known all over the world. What else demonstrates that Ukraine has developed IT market?

  • Many top publishers give a high mark in outsourcing and have named Ukraine the best place to destinate your business, including Colliers International, Bloomberg, PwC, Outsourcing Journal, and CEEOA;
  • Ukraine has 13 positions at the 100 top-ranking providers of offshore software development services;
  • Ukraine is the 5th among the world’s top 25 exporters of software outsourcing services.

6. Ukraine has a vibrant community for development IT outsourcing companies

Ukraine has a developed vibrant IT community with regular international conferences, like IDCEE, Agile Eastern Europe Conference, RubyC, iForum, IT Arena, and IT Conference. Along with the major events, many local tech meetings take place all the time. It gives a great opportunity to share experience, meet new business partners and catch ideas from the best industry leaders.

7. Global industry giants created their R&D teams in Ukraine

Various of global industry giants have R&D development teams in Ukraine. The list of major tech, software, gaming, telecom brands who choose to outsource their production to Ukraine has more than 100 R&D positions, including Apple, Aricent, Microsoft, Boeing, Deutsche Bank, Siemens, Samsung, IBM, Ericsson, Magento, and Oracle, just to name a few.

8. Time zone is convenient for foreign entrepreneurs to pick up outsourcing companies in Ukraine

Ukrainian Time Zone varies from UTC+2 to UTC+3 that suitable for foreign entrepreneurs. Being only 1 hour ahead of most European countries is a great advantage It gives the opportunity to hold online meetings and have real-time discussions that provide smooth communication and workflow between geographically dispersed teams.The time difference (UTC+7) makes project management schedules easier for the Eastern Coast of the United States compared to the Philippines, Vietnam, India, and other low-cost destinations. Why? Because in Ukraine outsourcing companies propose much more convenient shared working hours. Moreover Ukrainian time zones include flexible hours for both sides, which excludes night calls.

9. Excellent communication lines will make your business trips easier

Probably you may want to discuss some issues at the personal meeting. Ukraine has the highly developed infrastructure. It can be easily reached by plane from EU (1-3 hour flight) and USA (8 hours from the East Coast) to main IT outsourcing companies in Ukraine. Additionally, EU and US citizens don’t need a visa in case you are planning to stay for less than 90 days within a 6 month period (180 days).

10. Ukrainian outsourcing companies can help you achieve more with less

Outsourcing your mobile and web development to Ukraine is one of the easiest and most effective ways to control spending costs. Compared to Western Europe countries, this country offers the larger amount of IT talents and more competitive salary range. It allows hiring IT professionals, which do their job quickly and qualitatively, by implementing latest software development methodologies.

You are highly encouraged to choose Ukraine when it comes to offshore your own business. Ukrainian IT outsourcing companies offer you the best and easiest way. It saves your costs up to 60%, compared with the others outsourcing companies located in USA and EU.

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