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The specialists at MWDN masterly operate with modern technologies in programming. One of the leading programming languages at MWDN is Ruby. With the help of this interpreted scripting language we build amazing web applications quickly and easily. As long as Ruby is free to copy, use, modify, and distribute we have a chance to experiment and implement any transformations of a code to craft a decent website.

You can be sure that your website or application is built in accordance with the main OOP (object-oriented programming) principles as far as Ruby is all about objects. By this we mean that everything in Ruby, even such primitive data types like strings or integers, is an object. Such useful feature enables encapsulation of the data and ensures inheritance from one class to the other.
Being purely object-oriented, Ruby is very dynamic and innovative. The variables and methods can be added or redefined in Ruby during runtime. With its concept of the mix-in and smart garbage collector the process of development becomes faster and less labor-consuming. We work with Ruby on different platforms from Linux to MS-DOS, which makes this technology extremely useful in web development for customers with different needs and demands.

"Ruby is a convenient and reliable language to code in. It enables creating of well-knit, elegant and powerful web solutions that function dynamically and productively."

MWDN works for the comfort of our customers and in order to optimize project development we provide our clients with numerous prototypes of a product at different stages of elaboration. Once again, Ruby is perfect for precise and comprehensive prototyping. All in all, Ruby is a universal instrument of high-performance web development.

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