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Google V8 based runtime environment Node.js is an open-source cross-platform project that turns JavaScript to a general-purpose language, mainly for creating Web servers/backends. Node.js provides its own input/output API, that JavaScript lacks, thus allowing programming in JS on a whole new level, even making a creation of desktop apps possible. Google’s V8 execution engine compiles otherwise interpreted JavaScript source code into native machine code, like in C++, which it’s written in.

Ruby on Rails enables any modifications of the existing code and adding new features to the existing website. That means you can forget about the times when your ready-made product was far away from what you expected it to be. MWDN experts apply Ruby on Rails for complex and massive projects, so that a client could keep track of the procedure on every stage and suggest any necessary adjustments and changes. The apps developed in RoR have a clean, self-documenting code that ensures seamless work of the back-end and, therefore, of the whole website. Another great advantage of RoR is its cost-effectiveness; the framework is 100% free, but delivers amazing web quality at the same time.

"Developing in Rails makes it possible to build simple and highly productive web products in the meantime. Thanks to its amazing toolkit we can deliver more useful features in less time and with the same quality."

As a web company with more than 14 years of experience in the field MWDN has worked on numerous projects for different companies. Every client and every case is different and requests an individual approach. Bur Ruby on Rails is our universal instrument that we apply in elaboration of projects for companies from across different industries, areas and sizes. As we can see the satisfaction of our customers’ needs and demands, we advocate for the usage of Ruby on Rails as an effective tool for building dynamic web products

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