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Android is the most spread operating system of all time, and very possibly is Google’s step one in creating Skynet, the “ubiquitous step” along with the Deepmind being the “sentient step”.

Unveiled in 2007, Android was initially released on September 2008. Developed with mostly touchscreen smartphones in mind Android evolved to a truly universal OS. Now it runs on a prevalent number of world’s smartphones and tablets, TV boxes (Android TV), smartwatches and other wearables (Android Wear), laptops, DVRs, game consoles and many other.
Android is based on the Linux kernel, and its main hardware platform is ARM, though MIPS and x86 have also received official support in the newest versions. 64-bit support was added in Android 5.0. There is also an unofficial Android-x86 project that provides x86 architectures support ahead Google Inc.
Android has a supports for OpenGL ES from 1.1 to 3.2 and Vulkan in its newest version the Nougat. Its applications are quite often graphically intense, so that is understandable, starting with its main install base, smartphones and tablets, being operated by direct manipulation via their touchscreens. Android supports multiple gestures (pinching, swiping, tapping) and has a correspondent animation for each of them. Gaming is also a very popular application for Android, so support for OpenGL ES and Vulkan is very natural, along with existence of devices equipped with potent GPUs.

Our team develops extraordinary mobile applications in Android operating system that perform smooth workflow and diversity of functions. We employ all useful Android features in order to build seamless apps with simple and elegant design that always work well.

Google rolls out a major Android update every six to nine month (not always changing the first number, Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and 4.4.4 KitKat differ hugely, both been a “4”) with its latest incarnation Android 7.0 Nougat released early October 2016. Sweets are their topic.
In 2015 a survey revealed that 37% and 40% of professional developers target iOS and Android respectively as their main platforms. These numbers are way ahead of any other competition. World domination of a sort.

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