For over a decade, MWDN has enjoyed a successful partnership with Hi-G-Tek, a leading wireless solutions provider for fleet management security. Our collaboration has helped them reach international recognition.

Building a vetted team of top experts

Hi-G-Tek sought to expand its expertise with a dedicated team of skilled specialists. MWDN acted as an extension of its team, providing Hi-G-Tek with 5-10 and, at times, up to 12 highly qualified individuals whenever needed. We not only filled talent gaps but also handled all the organizational, management, accounting, and legal aspects, allowing Hi-G-Tek to focus on core business functions.

Our combined strengths in embedded and IoT development, .NET development across web, desktop, and mobile platforms, and Android development, fueled the creation of a powerful platform.

Result? Global recognition

The Hi-G-Tek platform, co-developed with MWDN, achieved international acclaim. From prominent Israeli customers like PAZ and Sonol to reaching 24 global markets across Africa, the USA, and Latin America, the platform empowered businesses with real-time location, security, and condition information for their high-value cargo and assets.

Scope of work

A dedicated team of 12 MWDN specialists collaborated on this project, delivering a comprehensive suite of solutions, including:

  • Fleet management tracking
  • Maintenance scheduling software
  • Reporting tools
  • Mobile application
  • Web application
  • Backend development
  • Big data solutions

A partnership built on trust

Clear and transparent communication has been a cornerstone of our collaboration. The open exchange of information fostered trust and collaboration, ultimately driving the project's success.

MWDN is proud to have partnered with Hi-G-Tek in achieving global recognition within the fleet management security industry. We look forward to continuing our successful collaboration and bringing it to even greater heights.


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