MWDN always gladly cooperates with companies of any size and from across different industries. We understand that different companies provide multiple different services and every service demands peculiar development strategy and plan. We offer our clients several business models according to the peculiarities of their project development. Fixed-price (or project-based) business model works the best for the small or medium-sized projects with clearly determined requirements, specifications, delivery period, and fixed budget.

The fixed-price business model is the most beneficial for clients that provide an extensive list of their project requirements and are more interested in the final result of the development. Among other advantages is that the risks for a client are very low as far as the successful performance of the project is directly transferred to the company service provider. Also, you get firm assurances that your project will be developed qualitatively and timely.

However, you should be aware of some disadvantages of the fixed-price model. First of all, if your project scope is really large and there is a high probability that you will submit some corrections and adjustments during the project development, this model is not preferable for you. Second, a client gets no control over the delivery of the project, the development team, and materials used by the team. That’s why, if you plan to launch a small or medium-sized project with primarily determined demands and time frames, the fixed-price model matches your needs the best.

Deadline Guarantee

The personnel at MWDN software development company cares for our clients’ trust and we guarantee only timely delivery of all milestones and project completion.

Process That Fits You

You can always rely on our managers’ thorough monitoring of your project development. Our team will regularly contact you via Skype conferences and mailing to provide you with the current status of your project and to get your feedback.

Maximum Agility

In order to provide you with the best software development experience we will apply different methodologies from Waterfall up to Scrum and Agile to meet all your needs and demands.

Business Analysis

Except simply developing a software product for your firm our company will closely work with you in order to have a full picture of your business and suggest the best possible solutions for the project development. We will do our best to help you model, arrange and develop a high-quality software product.

Intellectual Property Rights

Signing an NDA agreement is mandatory in our business relationships with our clients as we strive to subordinate our business to international standards. You will get all rights on the project and all the deliveries provided by MWDN software development company. And we are simply an efficient tool to realize your ideas.

International Experience

MWDN software development company has been working for 14 years with customers from Israel, USA and western Europe. We apply a flexible approach to every client taking into account the differences in culture and mentality of our customers to make you feel that we are always on the same page with you.