Mykhaylo Merkulov
COO / Head of HR

What I love about MWDN team is that I can do my business knowing they will get things done. Which makes them best of the best? Zero fuss, zero supervision, 100% effectiveness. I would think they are cyborgs if only we hadn't such crazy corporate parties.


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Attend workshops

Evolve your skills and grow professionally at MWDN! We encourage our employees to attend workshops and trainings and cover 50% of their cost.

Participate in tech talks

We regularly hold tech talks in our office for the employees. Our tech talks is a great way for the personnel get to know each other, learn something new and share the experience.

Attend in-house english classes

We take care of our personnel’s English knowledge. You will get a chance to attend free in-house English classes to develop your communicative skills.

Business trips to visit customers

Our people have a fantastic opportunity to visit Israel, Germany, and the USA on business purpose. Also, you will have a chance to meet personally with our customers in our Kharkiv office.

Frequent team-buildings & parties

We establish different team-building meetings and parties to get to know each other better. Every Friday we play board games or watch some movie altogether and, of course, celebrate some holidays in our office.

Vacation and sick days

We care for our people comfort and fair working conditions. At MWDN every employee gets 15 days paid vacation and 9 days paid sick leave.

Attend our football team

We like to lead a healthy life and play some soccer sometimes. That’s why We would appreciate if you join our soccer team and together we will reach new victories!

Tea, Coffee, Sweets, Bakery

With MWDN you won’t be hungry. You will always find an abundance of fresh fruits, tasty sweets, and backings and can have it all with a mug of aromatic, delicious coffee.