Behind every project, we develop there is a consolidated team of like-minded passionate specialists. More than 80 skilled and experienced developers with BS or MS degrees in Computer Science work at MWDN. We are extremely vain of our developers’ fantastic track record in their professional sphere. Thanks to the competence and high efficiency of our programmers we managed to complete stunning projects that evolved our customers’ businesses. What is really amazing about our developers is that they are not only exceptional code gurus but are also well-versed in many different areas of life.

MWDN specializes in development software for companies from different industries, for example, healthcare and medicine. As you can imagine, healthcare industry demands responsible and nuanced approach. Our developers are not scared of tackling any challenge a customer provides; they soak into the project, analyze every aspect and always take into consideration our client’s thoughts and expectations.


Likewise, our clients we want to entrust important projects to reliable and competent experts. That’s why our veteran team of accomplished developers, designers, and managers utilizes all the skills in the modern web practices and technologies in order to deliver customized solutions to our clients.

The experts at MWDN will help you choose the right direction for your web activity. We will pick the most applicable specifically to your case technologies and instruments to create a bespoke product that will leverage your profits.