We love numbers. We love to watch the growing numbers of our satisfied clients, successful projects and, of course, the numbers of the investments received by the enterprises we worked with. The startups that MWDN collaborated with have already received 300$ million investments for evolving their businesses. That means our company helped all these entrepreneurs start their businesses and grow them with the help of customized web solutions created by our team.

Along with crafting exceptional websites and applications for startup companies, our teammates join their teams extending their personnel. So that every company can get a specialist they lack, which is quite usual for startups. Our people get wrapped up into the business vision and the main principles of your company in order to understand the message you want to send. We strive to get along with our customers and start thinking like them to create products that fully reveals the company’s ideas.


MWDN also greatly contributes to the evolvement of startups by sharing our immense 14-year experience of brilliantly performing in a tough market. Our team can refine a current website for your startup company if you feel that it’s outdated or want to enhance its features and functionality.

We utilize all our experience in developing startup websites to create your start up a website from scratch, no matter what size and specialty. Start up the business with your original ideas and our unrivaled expertise.